Biomass Centrifuge

British Columbia, Canada

Biomass Centrifuge








Biomass Centrifuge Upgrade. The main objective was to investigate current operation conditions to identify the main causes of the unreliability of this operation. In addition, the centrifuge’s location needed to be reviewed.

GCM's Mandate

Conceptual study

GCM conducted the multidisciplinary engineering activities, including:

  • Evaluation of the centrifuge performance
  • Analysis of the operation and maintenance costs
  • Analysis of the safety risks attached to this operation
  • Evaluation of the piping arrangement associated with this operation and potential improvements
  • Recommendations (4 options)
BNQ Certified System

Activity sectorsz

Oil and Gas Chemical and Petrochemical Mining and metals Renewable Energy Manufacturing Pharma, Biotech and Food Environment and Sustainable Development

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