Heavy Oil Battery

Alberta, Canada

Heavy Oil Battery


Expansion of a heavy oil battery whereby emulsion treating and water disposal capacity were increased by over 200%.  



GCM's Mandate 

Preliminary Engineering and Cost Estimate (+/- 25%)

  • Multidisciplinary verifications of existing equipment including process, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.
  • Process simulations and heat and material balance.
  • Preliminary sizing of new equipment.
  • Multidisciplinary design of new emulsion and water truck offload stations.
  • Review and design of site drainage and roads.
  • Layout sketches including infrastructure changes (roads, ponds, etc.).
  • Multidisciplinary cost estimation
BNQ Certified System

Activity sectorsz

Oil and Gas Chemical and Petrochemical Mining and metals Renewable Energy Manufacturing Pharma, Biotech and Food Environment and Sustainable Development

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