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Engineering services

GCM Consultants delivers high-performance engineering services that integrate the principles of sustainable development through inspired resources who hail from industry. We are noticed for our light organizational structure and our capacity to provide engineering services in all disciplines, for all project stages.

GCM performs engineering and cost estimates for pilot plants and commercial scale projects, as well as improvement projects or modifications to existing facilities.



The process team blends the practical experience of different industries with the power to design process according to your needs. Our approach is based on helpfulness and the search for simple and practical solutions. The Process group is composed of engineers and technicians, some of whom possess up to 35 years of industrial experience.


Refinery process


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GCM's mechanical department provides complete engineering services for all types of industrial piping and equipment.


Cement plant


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The Instrumentation and Control department at GCM Consultants offers you a complete portfolio of expertise to meet all your needs in this domain. The groups offers you a global solution: our experts imagine optimal solutions and contribute to their development to achieve efficient installations.


Panel board


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GCM Consultants’ electrical department has developed, through the years, a solid electrical engineering expertise encompassing all project steps, from system design to detailed engineering to start-up assistance. 


Sunset pylons


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GCM’s Structure group provides engineering, design and construction assistance for foundations, structural concrete and structural steel works. Our department specializes in heavy and light industrial design, inspection and retrofitting.


Structure interior


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The GCM Consultants construction team brings together construction coordinators and supervisors with solid experience on industrial sites. Safety and quality are always our priorities.


Construction and hardhat 


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GCM Consultants' procurement department works in tandem with clients and project directors to manage relations with external suppliers and provide monitoring for contracts and deliveries. 


  • A total of $ 100 to $ 150 million per year of items supplied

  • A team of procurement specialists

  • Mobile team serving all GCM offices

  • Purchase of goods and construction contracts

  • Service tailored to client needs


Delivery trucks


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GCM Consultants' drafting department offers support to different engineering departments while also fulfilling its own mandates for clients.




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Planning and control

GCM Consultants' Project Services department includes a meticulous team dedicated to Project Planning and Control, who inspires confidence. Our experts are agile in closely following the evolution of mandates.


   •  Experts in project management, PMP, MGP (Master in project management) & PMBOK

   •  Engineering, Procurement & Construction projects (EPC)

   •  Project management support

   •  Mobile team serving all GCM Offices

   •  Service tailored to client needs


Schedule and keyboard


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GCM’s Infrastructure group provides engineering, design and construction assistance in underground services for waterworks, sewers and roads. Our department specializes both in “greenfield” development and upgrades on existing networks in the commercial, industrial and mining sectors.


Conrete pipes


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GCM Consultants possesses all the necessary skills to help clients comply with environmental regulations and to achieve their sustainable development goals.


Refinery in field


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Project management

GCM Consultants can autonomously execute the engineering and complete project management for projects of up to $100 M total installed cost, including EPCM mandates. Our management tools and systems are directly aligned with the industry and PMI’s best practices and standards so as to offer an optimal performance. GCM Consultants assigns, to each major project, a seasoned project manager with experience both in consulting engineering and in plant operation, to ensure that clients’ needs and priorities are understood and satisfied.    


Project managers


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Building and data center

GCM Consultants has developed an experienced team for building engineering. GCM Consultants' Buiding team offers a wide expertise to its clients who desire to build new offices or restore old ones.


GCM building


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Industrial Computing

The Industrial Computing group at GCM provides design, analysis and development of tools and HMI services in the industrial field.

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BNQ Certified System

Our experts offer you specialized services in all disciplines

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