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Renewable Energy

For over 15 years, GCM Consultants has been assisting its industrial clients in the implementation of renewable energy production processes and GHG reduction projects.

Our experience covers the following technologies:


  • Biofuels and ethanol production
  • Gasification and pyrolysis technologies
  • Carbon capture, conversion and sequestration


We have also developped our expertise in novel hydrogen production processes. The simplest and the most abundant element in the Universe, hydrogen represents 73% of visible mass. Hydrogen is also responsible for amazing biological and physical properties such as the signature helix of DNA, the pH control in the stomach and other organs as well as hydrogen bonds, pushing the molecules apart in frozen water allowing ice to float. In the energy industry, hydrogen is becoming one of the major players as we move towards renewable and/or more efficient energy sources.

The expectations are high when considering hydrogen’s potential as a principal energy carrier, enabling renewable energy benefits while also ensuring stable production and supply. Many players are involved in this exciting race aiming to bring to market clean technologies while helping to secure energy supply by harmonizing both sustainable development principles and economic growth.


To help in this transition, GCM works in partnership with clients to support and develop purpose-built project solutions at the forefront of today’s processes and technologies. Our team of dedicated and talented professionals has acquired more than 25 years working in the oil and gas industry and possesses the necessary skills and competencies required to engineer safe, reliable and sustainable solutions involving hydrogen production, compression, purification, storage and transport.


Contact us to learn more about our successful collaborations with universities, public investment group, biofuels companies, electrolysers manufacturers and aircraft engine designers.


Here are a few examples of projects completed by GCM in the Renewable Energy sector.

Integrated Gas Scrubbing and Capture System
Integrated Gas Scrubbing and Capture System


Design, fabrication and installation of a new modularized SO2 / CO2 scrubbing and capture system at a power plant



GCM Mandate

Preliminary and Detailed Engineering

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New Cellulosic Ethanol Plant


New biofuels plant using green hydrogen for its process




Due diligence review

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Electrolyzer For Green Hydrogen Production


Installation of a 20 MW electrolyzer based on PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) technology for green hydrogen production. Project cost: $50M.


GCM's Mandate 

Conduct HAZOP and LOPA studies

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New green hydrogen gas plant


The objective of the project is to produce green hydrogen and oxygen gas from the electrolysis of water for the needs of a biofuel plant in Quebec. Project cost: > $200M.




  • Feasibility study and estimation of investment and operating costs
  • Owner’s Engineer for the subsequent project phases
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Catalyst For Hydrogen Production


New type of hydrogen production catalyst


GCM's Mandate

Preliminary Engineering ± 30 %
Detailed Engineering

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Hydrogen Fuel Supply


The objective of the project is to install a hydrogen fuel unloading station and supply system for performance testing of new hydrogen-burning gas aircraft. The project cost is approximately 10M$ (assessment underway).




GCM’s Mandate

Feasibility study and capital cost estimate for the installation of the hydrogen fuel offloading and on-site storage facility and supply line to the engine test rigs.

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