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GCM Consultants’ primary objective is to protect the health and safety of its employees and clients in all its activities and realizations. The ZERO accident objective is at the heart of our industrial undertakings. The recording and subsequent rigorous analysis of safety incidents allow us to continuously improve our knowledge and systems in all matters relating to safety.




GCM is committed to delivering a sustainable best-in-class performance through the prevention of injury, ill health and harm to the environment.

GCM will promote its values both inside and outside of GCM, to influence the health, safety and environmental behaviors of the communities in which we live and work.

GCM’s management and 60 working partners/shareholders are exercising the leadership with regards to HSE in all aspects of our operations.

GCM is committed to continuous improvement of health, safety and environment by reviewing, and if necessary revising, the policy on an annual basis.

GCMs’ engagement towards workplace safety is insured through five aspects:


  • Hiring resources for whom HSE is a priority
    • By ensuring that personnel are trained and competent to carry out their activities and to achieve ZERO injuries
    • By ensuring the presence of in-house expertise in these fields
    • Applying the HSE program rigorously
    • By identifying and controlling all health, safety and environmental risks arising from our work activities
  • Applying the best practices in HSE management
    • By complying with all applicable legislative and industry requirements, pertaining to health, safety and the environment, as a minimum standard.
    • By working with clients to minimise the environmental impacts of their operations and projects.
  • Understanding and respecting the policies and regulations of all our clients
    • By consulting with our clients, partners, suppliers, competitors and regulators to promote continual improvement in HSE performance
  • Adopting an open and participative attitude with regards to the continuous improvement of safety
    • By striving to continuously improve our health, safety and environmental actions through ongoing efforts to monitor our performance and implement effective preventive or corrective actions where opportunities are identified.


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