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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is, for GCM, a general orientation guiding the execution of all our projects. We also offer this expertise to our clients, to help them transform the challenges of sustainable development into business opportunities.  


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GCM's interventions with clients are consistent with sustainable development approaches and aim to:


  • Support the rigorous control of operations
  • Maintain the integrity of the environment
  • Ensure safety and social acceptability
  • Support economic efficiency


For example, as appropriate, our teams engage in the following activities:


  • Environmental, social and economic impact assessment of industrial operations
  • Analysis of environmental regulations and permits, and of stakeholders' concerns
  • Preparation of plans to implement pollution prevention, emission reduction at source, energy efficiency and cost reduction
  • Evaluation of production processes to increase efficiency
  • Promotion of innovative technologies and efficient equipment that reduce emissions, pollution and waste of resources
  • Implementation of inspection programs and preventive maintenance on equipment (increased performance and lifetime)
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