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Mechanical integrity group certifications

Our Mechanical Integrity engineers are certified for most standards of the discipline:


  • API 510: Pressure Vessels.
  • API 570: Piping.
  • API 571: Corrosion and Materials.
  • API 653: Aboveground Storage Tanks.
  • CSA W178.2 niv. 1 et 2: Welding.
  • ASME B31.3: Process Piping.
  • CSA W47.1/W59: Fusion Welding of Steel.
  • CSA W59: Welded Steel Construction (Metal Arc Welding).
  • CSA Z662: Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems.






Static and dynamic stress analysis using:    


  • COMPRESS: Pressure Vessels.
  • Mecastack: Self-supported and Guy-wire-supported Stacks.
  • CAESAR II: Pressure Piping.
  • ANSYS Simulations and NozzlePRO: Finite Element Analysis (FEA).





Fitness for service (FFS)


  • “Fitness-For-Service” calculations per API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 and CSA Z662/ASME B31G (pipeline).
  • Complete pressure vessel design (including fabrication drawings).






  • Inspection plan creation.
  • Boiler inspection according to NBIC NB-23 (ASME Sections I and IV).
  • Aboveground Storage Tank inspection according to API 650.
  • Fabrication, repair, modification, testing and certification follow-up for stationary equipment. 






  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Equipment repair
  • Mitigating damage mechanisms such as fatigue, eorision, wear and tear, creep, corrosion, oxidation, etc.
    • Identification of damaging mechanisms per API 571
    • Mechanisms control
    • Analysis of the appropriate alloy for the transport and storage of fluids
    • Recommendations to optimize alloy properties against corrosion and potential damage mechanisms
    • Surveillance methods definition
  • Definition of the design, manufacturing and repair criteria to optimize equipment lifespan
    • Welding, thermal treatment, passivation, functional coatings, corrosion control and surveillance, etc.
  • Equipment inspection:
    • Inspection plan design
    • Inspection activities and non-destructive tests coordination
  • Failure analysis
    • Metallographic analysis
    • Chemical analysis
  • Material selection
  • Work supervision






We combine welding expertise, mechanical engineering and state-of-the-art metallurgical knowledge to assist manufacturing, repair work, construction and the heavy industry.

  • Design optimization of welded assemblies
  • Welding defects analysis, corrective and preventive measures
  • Recurrent repairs analysis to optimize repair lifespan
  • Writing of equipment repair procedures
  • CWB- AND IIS- certified engineers
  • Expertise in non-destructive tests, analyses, selection and recommendations for the pertinent trial methods and acceptance criteria
  • Hot tapping welding procedure according to API RP 2201
  • Welding methods and procedures writing according to:
    • ASME Section IX, PCC-2
    • API RP 582, 934, 577, 2201
    • CSA W59, W47.1 (steel), CSA W59.2, W59.2 (aluminium), CSA W186 (welding of reinforcing bars)
    • AWS D1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 9.1
    • NBIC NB-23
    • WRC-452, AWS G2.3, ASTM A-380
    • EN 15614-1
  • Extensive experience with the following materials
    • Steel, steel alloys
    • Stainless steel including duplex and super duplex
    • Nickel alloys including Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy
    • Aluminium alloys
    • Titanium and other exotic metals alloys
    • Copper alloys



Analysis and design



  • Leak analysis on flange, bolting procedure according ASME PCC-1, etc.
  • Repair plan according to NBIC NB-23, ASME PCC-2, etc. guidelines.
  • Design and verification of cathodic protection systems (impressed current and sacrificial anode).





Quality assurance


  • Participation in plant shutdowns / turnarounds.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control.
  • ASME/CSA B51 Pre-Audit.
  • Supplier Auditing: review of the Supplier’s quality assurance and quality control procedures based on client needs.





  • Assistance in obtaining a Canadian Registration Number (CRN).
  • Certification services by an registered engineer for most provinces and territories.
  • Old ASME and API Codes library (from 1940 through today) available for consultation.
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 97/23/EC) specialized services for the European market.






Complet training given by certified trainer:


1)Standard flange bolting procedure according to ASME PCC-1


2) Piping design according to ASME B31.3:Lesson plan


3) ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3 general requirement overview


4) Welding procedures and welder qualification requirements according to ASME Section IX


5) Requirement overview ASME Section VIII div. 1 (Tank under pressure)


6) Welding defect (types and tolerances) for standards of ASME B31.3, ASME Section VIII div. 1, ASME Section I, API 650, CSA W59, etc.


7) Installation, maintenance, repair and pressure equipment modification (NBIC NB-23 part 3 and ASME PCC-2)


8) API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 (Fitness-For-Service):Lesson plan available



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"What are the key ingredients of a successful FFS Team?" 

By: Guy St-Arneault, Sr. Mechanical Integrity Group Engineer, GCM Consultants

Inspectioneering Journal, March /April 2014 Volume 20, Issue 2 (pdf logo 753K)


"Navigating ASME Section VIII (DIV.1): Managing Your Pressure Vessels" (in two parts)

By: Hugo Julien, Sr. Mechanical Integrity Group Engineer, GCM Consultants
P.E., API 510, API 570, API 571, CSA W178.2 Level II (ASME B31.3, CSA W47.1/W59)


Part 1 - Inspectioneering Journal, January /February 2014 Volume 20, Issue 1  (pdf logo 694K)

Part 2 - Inspectioneering Journal, May /June 2014 Volume 20, Issue 3 (pdf logo 166K)



To test or not to test: A comparison of the pressure testing requirements between ASME B31.3 and ASME Section VIII, Division 1


By: Serge Bisson, Mechanical Integrity Group Engineer, GCM Consultants


Inspectioneering Journal, Jan/Feb 2015 Volume 21, Issue 1  (pdf logo 500K)

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