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Liquefied Natural Gas LNG

Founded in 1994, GCM Consultants covers all the engineering and project management services, and offers tailor-made solutions in the fields of LNG and biogas. 

Technical services 


  • Expertise in filtration and drying
  • Inspections and compliance by Standards, Best Practices, and Design (CSA B149.1 / CSA Z276)
  • Gas dispersion studies, general feasibility and operational reliability
  • Construction management
  • Optimized technical designs for clean energies
  • Environmental services (permits, assessment, etc.)
  • Detailed multidisciplinary engineering
  • Coordination for permits and approvals with the RBQ and other authorities



 Key ressources


   Marc Renaud, Principal process engineer


Leading process engineer with 30 years of experience in the chemical and petroleum sectors, mainly focused on petroleum refining and gas processing. His main areas of expertise are hydrotreatment, hydrogen production, the processing of gas - including amine treatment, and the liquefaction and regasification of natural gas





   Claude Bélanger, Senior process engineer



Claude Bélanger has over 24 years of experience. Her expertise covers the fields of liquefied natural gas (LNG), gas treatment, petrochemicals and utilities: air systems, nitrogen production, flare systems, amine systems.





    Gaétan Giroux, Construction supervisor



Mr. Giroux has been working in the field of construction for over 30 years. He supervised construction, acceptance and certification of equipment, and was the chief operator of a liquefied natural gas production plant.






  • Biomethanization, Quebec City. preliminary design, including technology selection, for a biogas cleaning and upgrading facility for natural gas injection into THE distribution network
  • Boiled-off Gas Management Project for a LNG receiving and regasification terminal. Technical study to evaluate various BOG liquefaction processes, up to the final selection
  • Owner’s (SLNGaz) Engineer to supervise the work of the technology provider in the development of a FEED for a new liquefaction plant
  • LNG Storage and regasification, Stornoway. Development of Heat and Material Balances and preparation of the FEED engineering documents
  • Expansion of a LNG plant
  • Analysis and verification of a project to install six (6) 300 m3 LNG tanks, a LNG spraying system with a capacity of 9.3 m3/h and the distribution network in the plant. Collaboration with equipment suppliers, engineering calculations, safety reviews (HAZOP), application of CSA Z276 code (production, storage and handling of liquefied natural gas)



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