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Strana Talent

Strana Talent is a subsidiary of GCM Consultants, an engineering firm with over 25 years of experience in the industrial sector.


Our objective: help industrial clients fill temporary or permanent positions for their operations.


Owing to our exclusive industrial focus and experience, we understand the key issues and challenges of production, and can quickly find the quality candidates perfectly suited to your needs.








The Strana recruiting team: Valérie Lemire-Leduc, Mélanie Lachapelle and Bernard Dionne




Permanent Placement

Strana’s services focus on understanding your reality in order to find the best candidates for your vacancies. Our approach is the following:


  • Defining your needs
  • Job postings and search for candidates
  • Reporting on screening interviews
  • Coordinating a final interview with the client
  • Verifying the references given
  • Following up on performance and quality


Temporary Placement

Strana can provide temporary manpower in case of intermittent work increases relating to special projects:


  • Technical: engineers, technicians, drafters, etc.
  • Management: project managers, project controllers, purchasers, etc.




Stemming from the industrial sector, Strana has the expertise and the tools to provide a precise analysis of the various required candidates and positions. Here are some of our available tools:


  • Reliable psychometric tests
  • Technical tests (if required)
  • Management proficiency test


As a GCM subsidiary, Strana can offer technical support to its personnel in temporary consignment with our clients.


Thus, if the client selects this option, the chosen candidates will be able to turn to GCM’s experienced resources throughout their work.


Our support comprises regular face-to-face visits, meetings with the client and a feedback process with the employee. As an option, a GCM resource from the involved engineering discipline can support Strana’s account manager.


Supported engineering disciplines are:


  • Mechanical, electrical, infrastructure and structure, process, automation and instrumentation
  • Pharmaceutical validation
  • Environment and sustainable development
  • Drafting
  • Project management and procurement
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