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Nathaniel Tiffany

Vice President - Engineering
Years of experience:



Mr. Tiffany has been with GCM since 2005 and has held numerous roles within the firm. He has progressed from Junior Structural Engineer to Discipline Manager and Vice President of the Western Canada Energy Business Unit to his current role as Vice President of Engineering.

During his career, Mr. Tiffany has worked on multiple projects in many industry sectors as a structural engineer and has a strong background in structural design in heavy industry. He is known for his ability to understand the root cause of a problem and find solutions that are appropriate, applicable and simple.

Having held numerous positions including Senior Engineer, Department Manager, and Customer-focused Business Unit Manager (VP-Energy Western Canada), as well as serving on the Board of Directors over the years, Mr. Tiffany has a thorough understanding of GCM‘s business and customer needs.

In his current role, Mr. Tiffany supports the production of most deliverables from GCM. He is a strong believer in putting people first and strives to keep a motivated, satisfied and empowered team. Quick on his feet and with strong leadership skills, Mr. Tiffany helps keep the spirit and human side of GCM alive.