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Integrated Technical Services | Smart factory + Industry 4.0

it analysis & development

GCM Consultants assists its industrial clients in the automation, integration and optimization of customer processes.

The evaluation, integration and design of value-added IT solutions allows its clients to be more competitive on the global market. 


  • Organizational axis
    • Identification of processes and stakeholders (Interviews with your internal resources)
    • Establishment of common needs and objectives
  • Technological axis
    • Study of off-the-shelf vs. custom solutions (programmable development)
    • Presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of the potential scenarios identified
  • Financial axis
    • Costs per solution (implementation and recurring)
    • Calculation of anticipated ROI
  • 4.0 Audit
    • Gather and explore data collected from measurement tools
    • Target relevant data that cannot be measured
    • Identify data collection needs
  • Diagnosis of your company’s digital maturity
  • Definition of your digital strategy attached to your strategic plan
  • Custom software development (web or other), for several different technologies and platforms
    • C# / C++ / VB / Delphi, Microsoft .NET, WPF, WinForms, Swift, XCode, IOS, SQL, OpenAPI, SSL, RLS, Codegear Rad Studio, Autodesk AutoLISP, ObjectARX,
  • Web programming (Front-End and Back-End)
    • HTML, Blazor, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, SCSS, PHP, ASP.Net, Vue.js, Angular.js, Entity Framework, XAML, XML, WebGL, SignalR
  • Cloud development
    • Microsoft Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Zoho, Heroku
  • Development of software tools for interaction between control systems and ERP management systems
  • Assistance in the application support of various systems (including older technologies)
  • Development of AutoCAD plugins to assist drafters
  • Identification of KPIs based on ROI
  • Data transformation, extraction and identification (ETL)
    • Connection to a multitude of client systems (e.g. ERP, MRP, SAP, Acomba)
  • Implementation of your analytical data structure
    • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
    • Configuration of analytical services (SSAS and AWS)
  • Power BI
    • Design of reports and dashboards
    • Workspace management and report sharing
  • Connect dashboards to your collaboration tools
  • Automated generation of production / log / performance index reports
  • Needs and solutions assessment
  • Implementation of historians for automated collection of chronological data
  • Real-time acquisition of production data for internal or external distribution
  • Interconnection of different control systems
  • Integration of drawing software
    • AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor
    • Siemens SolidEdge
    • Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks
    • Bentley MicroStation
  • SmartLine (under development)
    • Real-time equipment management system including a DMS solution. Monthly Kaizen optimization service
  • HPMCAD Document Manager
    • Productivity tool for companies that need to manage large quantities of AutoCAD files in addition to documents related to your projects: emails, PDF, Word, Excel, Images and more. 
  • Cessio
    • Create and maintain your project plan more quickly and efficiently
  • Regis
    • Replace your paper visitor log with a more efficient tool


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