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Integrated Technical Services

Environment & sustainable development

For GCM, sustainable development is a general orientation that guides all our projects. We also offer a full range of environmental and sustainable development expertise to support our industrial clients in the next phase of their growth. GCM is an essential technological leader, integrating an ESG mission at every stage of the execution of the projects that will shape tomorrow’s reality. For more details on our commitment to sustainable development, read our ESG Report!

Environmental studies and permits

GCM offers a complete range of services related to the various permits and authorizations needed for projects involving environmental issues.

Characterization of the natural environment

GCM‘s team of biologists and environmental experts specializes in the characterization of natural environments, including the identification and delineation of wetlands and water bodies.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development and energy management are now an essential part of the industry and play a key role in the realization of all types of projects.

For many years, GCM has been at the forefront and has proposed innovative solutions allowing a sound management of emissions and energy consumption.

Hydrology and surface water management

The management of surface water is an important element, especially in an industrial context requiring a control of the discharges to the environment in order to respect the most current standards.

GCM‘s team of professionals ensures the implementation of a management plan adapted to the site and its use, whether it is by designing the required infrastructures or by promoting natural retention, all while taking into account all influencing factors, including climate change.

Water treatment

Whether it is in a municipal, industrial or remote site context, GCM‘s resources offer a complete accompaniment allowing the development of adapted solutions for the treatment of water for projects of all types and sizes.

Energy efficiency

GCM supports its industrial clients in the identification and implementation of measures targeting energy efficiency, all the while focusing on sustainable development.

Environment & sustainable development project examples

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