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We combine pleasure and passion within our work! GCM offers you:

A dynamic and convival working environment

  • High flexibility of working hours
  • Employee integration program
  • In-company continuing training and English teacher on the premises
  • Gym, dining room and lounge (billiards, table tennis, video games) available to employees
  • Very active social club with both employee- and family-oriented activities

Benefits that stand out in the market

  • Comprehensive group insurance plan paid up to 60% by the employer
  • Confidential assistance program (EAP) for employees and their families
  • Deferred Profit Sharing Program with the possibility of contributing to RRSPs
  • Floating days offered upon hiring for personal reasons or illness, redeemable if not used
  • Flexible support program (for sports activities, professional membership, home internet and others)

Varied and stimulating projets

  • Major projects for multinational companies
  • Health, safety and the environment are priorities
  • Sustainable development guides the execution of our projects

GCM values

GCM Consultants‘ work environment integrates important values that permeate the organizational culture. They have been formed and solidified during the history of the company and shape the behavior of people on a daily basis.


We are a family that shares its knowledge and experience, as well as its vision. We approach others, welcome their views positively and recognize their contributions. At all levels, mutual support and camaraderie emerge.


We are people of action who help the progress of each project by adapting spontaneously to our clients to provide simple, practical and flexible solutions, as well as anticipate future needs.


Our thoughts, our words and our attitudes are consistent because we are true to ourselves and others. Our transparency and our listening skills instill confidence in our professional exchanges and help us move towards new possible solutions.


We produce quality deliverables while meeting deadlines. But more importantly, we are passionate about our work and are always on the lookout for new methods, techniques and technologies that allow us to maximize our effectiveness in the execution of our projects.


GCM believes that its employees are its greatest strength and its greatest ambassadors, contributing not only to its reputation, but also attracting interesting new candidates. As an exemplary employer, GCM is positioned to recruit, retain and mobilize professionals who share our values. Here are, in the words of GCM employees, the best reasons to come work with us.

The team spirit, the friendliness and the mutual support make GCM a great place to work. I also appreciate my autonomy and the flexibility of my schedule. Here, the human element is clearly part of the equation.

Junior environment engineer

With GCM, I’ve found a company I want to stay with. Thanks to our values and our exceptional staff, we shine in the consulting world, allowing our employees to thrive and grow!

Manager - Automation and instrumentation

GCM is an exciting place to work! We have a fantastic team, engaging projects across the country, and flexible hours, letting us maintain a healthy schedule and lifestyle.

Infrastructure engineer

At GCM, we have a lot of professional freedom, like working from home or from the office, but we aren’t left to our own devices. The opportunities for advancement are interesting and challenging.

Infrastructure engineer

GCM‘s dynamic team has allowed me to grow professionally in uncertain times, to take on new challenges and to make my own way. Thank you for allowing me to grow!

Mechnical and piping designer

GCM encourages us to be people as well as employees. I enjoy getting to learn from every team member, and working with people with diverse technical and personal backgrounds.

Infrastructure Engineer


At GCM, we are always looking for passionate and motivated people who want to grow with us!

an internship at GCM? Yes!

At GCM, we believe in the importance of hiring interns. We take their learning to heart so that they can fully contribute to our projects. Our interns bring a fresh perspective and sometimes help us find new solutions!

Having the chance to work with interns allows us to saty young, but also to share our experience, to grow and to contribute in the creation of a network of young professionals who are ambassadors for our company.

Students in engineering or technical drafting and design, contact your institution for more information!