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Integrated Technical Services | Safety and integrity of facilities

Industrial Lifting Equipment

The GCM Consultants Civil-Structure group is experienced in heavy industry and offers a comprehensive service for the certification of lifting equipment’s existing structures.

Technical Services In Lifting Equipment

  • Risk analysis and prevention measures
  • Inspection and validation of structural calculations for different types of lifting equipment:
    • Overhead bridge cranes
    • Monorails
    • Cranes
  • Modeling and verification of structures using specialized analysis software
  • Building Code and standards CSA-B167, CMAA70 et CMAA74 application
  • Evaluation of the main elements of the building structure
  • Qualitative evaluation of welds
  • Verification of connections
  • Bead condition evaluation
  • Identification of problems for structures presenting premature (excessive) deterioration and presentation of solutions
  • Establishment of the progress of the current degradation and the estimated remaining useful life
  • Recommendations for modifications to ensure the compliance of equipment
  • Cost estimation
  • Shop drawing verification
  • Corrective works to recover compliance
  • Field/plant technical assistance

Typical Deliverables

  • Inspection reports
  • Equipment structure certification reports, including recommendations
  • Sketches and drawings for modification or reinforcement works
  • Technical specifications for reinforcement works

Maintenance of lifting equipment

Regular maintenance of lifting equipment plays a critical role in the safety, reliability and durability of industrial operations. When lifting equipment is not properly maintained, the risk of accidents and failures increases considerably.

Our engineering consultants can intervene to ensure the compliance of your lifting systems, to ensure the quality of your tools and the safety of your employees. You can contact our teams directly via our online form.