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Integrated Technical Services | Smart factory + Industry 4.0


GCM Consultants assists its industrial clients in the identification, design and implementation of automation systems. GCM has executed several projects in various sectors and is accredited by the Mouvement québécois de la qualité (MQQ) for the GO TR4NSF.0 program.


Our team has expertise on different control platforms:

  • Allen-Bradley Suite® (Rockwell)
  • ABB®
  • Delta®
  • Honeywell®
  • AVEVA® (including Wonderware and PI)
  • Ignition®
  • Siemens®
  • Scheinder Electric® (including Invensys®)
  • Citect®
  • GE Fanuc Proficy®
Control system implementation, upgrade and migration
  • Control system implementation studies
  • Optimization of control strategies
  • Hot transfer of control systems
  • Implementation of DCS
  • PLC implementation
  • Pre-operational checks
  • Start-up assistance and production start-up
  • Design of instrumentation on site
  • SIS (Safety Instrumented System) implementation study
  • Implementation study of control systems
    • Smart network of instruments
    • Fieldbus
    • HART Multidrop
    • Process networks
    • Profibus
    • Modbus
    • Industrial Ethernet
  • Process control display for operator
    • Generation of operation graphics pages – ASM standard
    • Generation of site specific graphics
  • BMS system upgrade
  • Study, pre-engineering and detailed engineering for technology integration in industries
    • Robotic cell
    • Automated transport system (AGV / AMR)
    • Control room
    • RFID / Bar code
    • Vision system
  • Mechanical and mechatronics (design, 3D scan)
  • Industrial simulation
  • CSA, ANSI, ISO, EN and IEC compliance audit with documentation
  • Risk analysis
  • Prioritization of action plans
  • Electrical and mechanical safety analysis
  • Development and research of risk reduction solutions and measures
  • Selection and design of devices to secure machines (categorization and performance level)
  • Engineering and complete integration on existing machines (compliance)
  • Turnkey projects
  • Certification of compliance
  • Development of work procedures for confined spaces
  • Development of a complete lockout program
  • Assistance in the preparation and prioritization of health and safety action plans (including lockout and confined spaces)
  • Staff training and development of safe work methods

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