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chemical industries

GCM Consultants has a long experience with a wide range of chemical processes – polymers and other petrochemicals, industrial gases, acids, caustics, explosives, etc. Its solid understanding of the market guarantees that your projects are in good hands.


Many professionals at GCM come from the plastics production and transformation industries (polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, etc.) Our vast expertise in process and our long experience in manufacturing processes are combined in our service offer to this sector. Whether it’s a question of chemistry, operational safety or automation of production and handling, our experts will support you at every stage of your projects.


GCM works with the major chlorine producers. Our expertise is recognized in this industry which has to deal with hazardous products and corrosive processes, for which appropriate metallurgy is fundamental. The protection of the surrounding communities is of prime importance for these industries and GCM supports them with its teams of specialists in operational safety management and in chlor-alkali processes.

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