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About GCM Consultants

We are a consulting engineering firm that has been helping its clients from all industries in engineering, operation and maintenance since 1994.

A key company in Canada, GCM works in the energy, sustainable development, petrochemical, metallurgy and manufacturing sectors.  It offers its engineering and construction services to plant projects, supports the industry with its leading-edge expertise and carries out major investment projects.


Foundation of GCM Consultants, a small business dedicated to reliability and serving the industry, in a basement in the Montreal area
First major project, at a cost of approximately 50 millions: expansion of a polypropylene plant
Opening of the Lévis office to serve industrial clients in the Capitale-Nationale region locally
Opening of our first office in Western Canada
New brand image and acquisition of BM Innovations
Founding of Volo, our construction subsidiary
Acquisition of the Abitibi-based company Envirosynergie, which allows us to improve our environmental services
Opening of the Calgary office
Founding of Strana, our recruitment subsidiary
Acquisition of HyperShell and Samson, Loiselle et Associés in the Eastern Townships, completing our young Industry 4.0 team with seasoned specialists


Yves Malouin


Sandra Mignacca

Manager – Human Resources and Culture

Mélanie Campeau

Manager – Finance


Deliver effective multi-disciplinary engineering consulting services to the industrial sector through inspired resources from this field.

We execute projects between 0 and 300 M$ of investment – studies, preliminary and detailed engineering, project and construction management in the following fields :

  • Traditional energy
  • Renewable energy
  • Chemical industries
  • Mining and metals
  • Manufacturing
  • Forest products, pulp and paper
  • Pharma, biotech and food
  • Commercial and institutional


In the Americas, in all sectors of the industry, GCM is recognized as a leader in engineering and industrial computing.

Forward-thinking, agile, and efficient, GCM stands out and shines in innovative industrial processes, in environment and sustainability, and in industry 4.0.

We contribute every day to achieve our goals by doing what we love, by directly supporting industries at the local level and by building trust-based relationships with our clients.



We are a family that shares its knowledge and experience, as well as its vision. We approach others, welcome their views positively and recognize their contributions. At all levels, mutual support and camaraderie emerge.


We are people of action who help the progress of each project by adapting spontaneously to our clients to provide simple, practical and flexible solutions, as well as anticipate future needs.


Our thoughts, our words and our attitudes are consistent because we are true to ourselves and others. Our transparency and our listening skills instill confidence in our professional exchanges and help us move towards new possible solutions.


We produce quality deliverables while meeting deadlines. But more importantly, we are passionate about our work and are always on the lookout for new methods, techniques and technologies that allow us to maximize our effectiveness in the execution of our projects.


GCM Consultants‘ primary objective is to protect the health and safety of its employees and clients during all its activities and projects.

The recording of safety incidents and their rigorous analysis allow us to continually improve our security knowledge and systems. We are COR certified in several western Canadian provinces.

GCM is committed to provide, in a sustainable way, a performance among the best in the prevention of injuries, accidents, occupational diseases and environmental damages.


A simple desire for continuous improvement is no longer enough to distinguish oneself and exceed client expectations. In this perspective, GCM seeks to identify the innovative elements and the changes likely to provide a major impact on the quality of its services.

At GCM, quality flows directly from the following principles that we consistently apply to every project:

Our Certifications


Sustainable development is, for GCM, a general orientation that guides the execution of all projects.

The environmental dimension of GCM‘s operations is handled by the company’s environmental department. We implement environmental and energy measures in a continuous improvement mode. We encourage initiatives that stimulate employee involvement and reduce the environmental impact of GCM‘s activities and those of its clients.