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Integrated Technical Services | Management, Operation and Maintenance

Operational Excellence

GCM Consultants redefines the productivity standards of its clients by offering ingenious and efficient solutions. In the field for several decades, working throughout North America, each of our members has more than 25 years of experience in continuous improvement.

Proud to be a pioneer organization in the field of administrative coaching, GCM has all the tools to develop solutions adapted to the commercial and technological realities of today and tomorrow.


Our specialized and experienced team in continuous improvement accompanies you in the complete optimization of your internal processes and procedures.

By standardizing and documenting these processes, we can establish clear objectives, identify reliable performance indicators, identify discrepancies directly at the source and apply effective and sustainable corrective measures. Taking advantage of the most advanced technologies, customized strategies and an impeccable attention to detail, the GCM team will meet your needs.

GCM is also accredited by the Mouvement québécois de la qualité (MQQ) for the GO TR4NSF.0 program.

  • Determine the current situation, the mission, the vision, the values
  • Determine the objectives to be reached
    • Long term plan, desired situation, return on investment (ROI)
  • Definition of customized strategies to optimize the achievement of objectives (initiatives, work teams, validation of execution capacity)
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Quality assurance system (documentation)
  • Data management
  • Continuous improvement
    • Flow, waste, standardization, visual management
  • Breakthrough activities
    • Kaizen process (mapping)
    • 5S
    • Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)
    • TPM (autonomous maintenance)
  • Simulation
  • Assessment of current and future capacities
  • Identification of measurement needs
    • Following a strategic planning and the establishment of objectives to be achieved
    • Determine the key performance indicators (KPI) to be monitored and analyzed
  • Optimization of workstations
  • Performance indicators
  • Dashboards
  • Management meetings (daily, weekly, monthly) (at all levels)
  • Identification of discrepancies and resolutions
  • Problem solving
  • Gemba walk
  • Performance monitoring and reporting (upon request)
  • Coaching of management teams
  • Coaching and training of managers
  • Organizational development (mobilization advantage)
  • Training in operational excellence

Operational excellence project examples

Our operational excellence experts

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