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Energy efficiency

GCM Consultants supports its industrial clients in the identification and implementation of measures targeting energy efficiency, all the while focusing on sustainable development. GCM has completed many such projects in various sectors.

GCM is also certified by Énergir for energy efficiency feasibility studies.

Moreover, our team possesses a thorough expertise in natural gas systems, code compliance (CSA B149.1, B149.2, B149.3) and support through the burner system certification process.

Technical services in energy efficiency

  • Support to grant applications
  • Pre-feasibility analysis
  • Detailed power consumption, greenhouse gas emission and energy cost balance
  • Evaluation of the process optimization potential and reduction targets by source
  • Pinch analyses
  • Process simulations analysis with use of software (Aspen/HYSYS, ANSYS, EXPLORE, etc.)
  • Preparation of approaches to energy efficiency, reduction of source emissions, pollution prevention and cost reduction.
  • Establishing the priority list
  • Identifying activities to implement
  • Selecting the most effective technologies
  • Defining the action plan, including:
    • Resources, roles and responsibilities
    • Personnel training and support
    • Internal and external communications
  • Design of modifications and improvements
  • Multidisciplinary preliminary and detailed engineering
  • Turnkey projects available
  • Performance monitoring

Examples of measures—designed and implemented by GCM for clients—to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions

  • Combustion optimization, burner adjustments, flow and turbulence improvements in combustion chambers, preventive maintenance
  • Waste heat recovery, inlet air heating, air/water/product recirculation
  • Condensate recovery, low temperature energy recovery, cogeneration
  • Product transfer optimization
  • Conditioning, recycling or reuse of residual and secondary materials
  • Energy use and capacity adjustments, progressive startup
  • Integration of thermal, wind or photovoltaic solar power generation, as well as biomass or biofuels (when applicable)
  • Improvements to water treatment, anaerobic biodigestion
  • CO2 capture, generation of value-added products
  • Leakage isolation and reduction
  • Instrumentation for equipment performance monitoring
  • Improvements to lighting and ventilation
  • Installation of variable frequency drives

ENERGY EFFICIENCY project examples


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