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Integrated Technical Services | Safety and integrity of facilities

Fire protection engineering

GCM Consultants offers engineering, drafting and site assistance services in the field of fire protection. Our engineers in Montreal specialize in implementing new fire protection systems and updating existing ones in industrial sectors.

Technical Services in Fire Protection

  • Assistance in preparing emergency response plans
  • Creating inspection plans for existing systems to determine their compliance with standards
  • Feasibility study for the expansion of existing systems
  • Preparation and updating of fire protection system plan
  • Preparing and updating fire protection P&IDs
  • Providing assistance with the preparation of fire emergency response plans

Professional Technical Assistance and Expertise

  • Fire Hazard analysis
  • Hydraulic studies
  • Modeling and analysis coverage of fire hydrants network with barrels

Our Fire Protection Consultants can help for:

  • Designing water and foam fire suppression systems
  • Fire safety plan conception
  • Designing primary (foam boxes) and secondary (fixed or mobile fire monitors) protection for tanks
  • Designing sprinkler systems
  • Designing deluge systems
  • Upgrading existing fire systems
  • Upgrading loading ramp protection
  • Specifying fire protection equipment
    • Electric and diesel fire pumps
    • Deluge valves
    • Foam bladder tanks / foam chambers
    • Pump system with foam injection

What is a P&ID in Fire Protection?

P&IDs (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams) play an essential role in providing a detailed visual representation of fire safety systems and processes. These diagrams enable precise planning, effective risk management and informed decision-making to ensure the safety of people and property.

They identify key components such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, extinguishers, and smoke extraction systems. P&IDs also provide information on the connections between these components, alarm and action flows, and facilitate fire response procedures to enhance safety and minimize fire-related risks.

Fire protection project examples

Our fire protection experts

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