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Services | Engineering and project execution


GCM Consultants has developed an experienced team for building engineering. Our Building – Data centers team offers a wide expertise to its clients who desire to build new offices or restore old ones. The versatility of the department allows GCM to work in industrial, commercial or institutional sectors.


  • Fire protection
  • Piping
  • HVAC
  • Automated control
  • Construction of access roads, service roads and parking lots
  • Storm water management
  • Foundations
  • Superstructure
  • Bracing elements
  • Building envelop specification and steel structures
  • Electrical distribution (principal, secondary and backup)
  • Lighting, services and auxiliary systems (fire protection, safety, communication and networking)


GCM Consultants has developed significant team strength in Data Center engineering and construction.

We offer a unique value proposition to clients who operate IT facilities. We strive to remain at the leading edge of this industry, providing our clients with turnkey solutions for all of their IT infrastructure needs.


Our team of experts will perform a comprehensive assessment of client needs based on their current conditions, business context and IT needs:

  • Evaluating existing electrical and mechanical infrastructures
  • Pinpointing physical limitations and opportunities
  • Selecting and comparing various possible sites
  • System reliability assessments
  • Feasibility studies and technical audits
  • Growth and load modeling
  • Project budgeting and critical path determination
  • Business case, financial assessment and justification

The GCM Consultants design team offers cost-effective solutions for client mission-critical facilities, based on real-life, real-world experience. Our design approach is based on client business objectives as well as technical considerations. Our team consists of skilled specialists with extensive knowledge in business strategy, IT operations and engineering. After analyzing all business and operational factors, our team of engineers and specialists custom designs solutions to fit a customer’s corporate strategy. Our design services cover every aspect of the process, including:

  • Critical power and mechanical load calculations
  • Local code review and compliance to current regulatory environments
  • Interior space planning and layout
  • Building envelope and structure design and specs
  • Electrical design and engineering (UPS, power distribution, switch gear, backup generation, controls, DC power, grounding, lightning protection and lighting)
  • Mechanical design and engineering
  • Communications/security systems design and engineering
  • Fire protection system design and engineering
  • Equipment selection, specification and long-lead procurement

As an IT project partner, GCM can offer services which will combine value, support and lower global costs. Our expertise includes:

  • Purchasing, installation and configuration of computing equipment (servers, workstations, etc.)
  • Purchasing, installation and configuration of networking equipment (routers, fiber optic, wireless, etc.)
  • Software purchasing and installation
  • Virtual network and material surveillance
  • Computer system migration

Our core expertise in critical infrastructure systems is combined with a thorough understanding of the relevant construction processes of a data center. GCM Consultants project managers bring their knowledge of current best practices in cost estimating, labor and equipment management, cost and schedule control, quality management, work processes and dispute resolution to help client get the job done right. GCM Consultants acts as an on-site partner throughout construction ensuring that work is performed according to specifications while delivering on time and on budget. Our project managers handle every aspect of the project:

  • Subcontractor/supplier qualification and management
  • Construction specifications
  • Negotiations and recommendations
  • Issuance of construction contracts
  • Quality and safety monitoring and control
  • Management and progress reporting of project budget and schedule

Verifying and documenting the performance of your newly installed systems is a critical step in the process. GCM Consultants commissioning agents will ensure that your mission-critical facility is set up and tested to the highest standards.

  • Overall installation management
  • Equipment positioning, integration and testing
  • Operating procedure development and verification
  • “As-built” drawing review and authentication
  • Technical training

Our involvement does not end when a project comes to fruition. Our partnership will continue with the maintenance program of client equipment and facilities as well as with other activities such as additions, moves and changes to the infrastructure. Since our client team understands both the application and the capabilities of the equipment, we can ensure that all systems in these technologically intensive facilities remain operational and functional.

  • Management of entire facility maintenance program
  • Incident reports and failure analysis
  • Technical and safety training program
  • Quality assurance and risk management
  • Disaster recovery services


  • Industrial ventilation
  • Code study (NFPA, ASHRAE, etc.)
  • 250 buildings evaluated with process safety and siting studies
  • Project cost estimation
  • Office layout
  • Construction site supervision
  • Contractors and sub-contractors management and qualification
  • Turnkey projects
  • Project Management



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