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GCM’s Infrastructure group provides engineering, design and construction assistance in underground services for waterworks, sewers and roads. Our department specializes both in “greenfield” development and upgrades on existing networks in the commercial, industrial and mining sectors.


Conrete pipes




Professional Design Services

  • Preliminary design - preliminary estimates (± 20%), hydraulic simulations, vehicle trajectory modeling, simulation and analysis, etc.)
  • Master plan for new site services (water, sewer, roads)
  • Management and coordination of surveying
  • Management and coordination of geotechnical engineering
  • Conceptual plans
  • Plans and work specifications, preliminary and final
  • Support in obtaining the various permits and approvals from municipal authorities and Ministries
  • Administrative and technical support for the preparation and management of tender packages
  • Project management


Professional Construction Services

  • Approval of shop drawings
  • Onsite construction supervision
    • Proactive supervision
    • Preparation of change requests and change orders
    • Analysis of equivalent materials proposed by contractors
    • Management and coordination of the geotechnical engineer
    • Completion of daily reports on activities held on site
    • Surveys of completed works
  • Preparation of « AS BUILT » drawings


Professional Expertise and Technical Assistance

  • Hydraulic simulations
  • Vehicle trajectory modeling, simulation and analysis


Project Types

  • Construction and repair of underground infrastructures
  • Expansion of existing infrastructures
  • Construction of access roads, service roads and parking lots
  • Storm water management (detention ponds)
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