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GCM Consultants possesses all the necessary skills to help clients comply with environmental regulations and to achieve their sustainable development goals.


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  • NEW! Energy Efficiency ( 115k)
  • Identification of emission sources and evaluation of discharge characterization analysis results
  • Verification of regulatory requirements, permit application
  • Definition of reduction targets
  • Technical and operational options analysis to avoid, capture and/or destroy the contaminants in :
    • Liquid effluents
    • Atmospheric emissions
    • Soil and groundwater
  • Comparison of advantages/disadvantages associated with each approach
  • Design, engineering and construction of selected solutions


Assessment of needs

Description of emission sources and impact, verification of regulatory and corporate requirements, selection of targeted activities using a decision matrix, preparation of action plans



Development of sampling plan, analysis of discharge characterization, dispersion modelling, permit application, setting of reduction targets


Options analysis

Evaluation of potential for prevention and treatment, greenhouse gases emission reduction, cost/benefit analysis, performance verification


Treatment processes

Coagulation, flocculation, precipitation, sedimentation, filtration, contaminants biodegradation in water, capture and separation of dust, washing, adsorption, oxidation, biometabolisation of organic compounds in air, washing and desorption of contaminants in soil, biotreatment of groundwater pollutants



Adaptation or optimization of existing units or processes, pilot unit, confirmation of performance, scale up, design and engineering, staff training

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