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Modification of distillation column

Québec, Canada

Project description

The project involves relocating equipment peripheral to the distillation column, which is operated in two stages to purify styrene. The reflux and bottom product pumps of the distillation column have NPSH constraints, which limit their pumping rate and consequently, the production capacity of the column. Solutions to redesign the reflux balloon and reboiler installation to increase their respective elevation relative to the pumps were identified by the client’s engineering team. These modifications are intended to provide a greater static head available for pump operation and avoid the cavitation problems currently observed.

Total project cost


GCM Mandate

Perform multi-disciplinary detailed engineering for the implementation of Pyrowave’s proposed modifications to raise the elevation of the reflux balloon (minimum 2.9m) and the reboiler (minimum 1.9m).


  • Carry out modifications to the reflux tank installation and hard boiler of the styrene distillation column in order to restore its full production capacity.

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