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Specialized Services

Our clients appreciate our project delivery services, but also our high-level specialists who are available to respond when a plant is experiencing problems requiring expert technical support.


Our expertise in Process Safety Management (PSM), mechanical integrity of piping and pressure vessels and automation are recognized across Canada: many industrial plants have successfully used our expert services to solve critical production problems.


We cultivate our desire to develop expertise in all facets of our organization. Our projects thus benefit from expert guidance, allowing a rapid convergence toward high-performance and sustainable technical concepts.


Process Safety Management

More and more industrial firms implement a systematized approach to safety as a way of mitigating risk and increasing personnel and public safety. GCM Consultants offers several expert services to help clients manage operational safety.


Butane spheres


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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is, for GCM, a general orientation guiding the execution of all our projects. We also offer this expertise to our clients, to help them transform the challenges of sustainable development into business opportunities.  


Water treatment


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Functional Safety
Information and communication technologies

The GCM Consultants ICT group offers consultation services in several shperes.


Server rack


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Lean Management and Industry 4.0

GCM Consultants has redefined the productivity standards of its clients by offering ingenious and effective solutions. Our specialized and experienced team assists you in the complete optimization of your internal processes.

The heart of this innovation is data - specifically its measurement, organization and use. Our expertise enables the adaptation of processes and tools to promote efficiency in your business

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Industrial ventilation

GCM Consultants possesses a strong industrial ventilation and air treatment experience in all activity sectors. Through our specialized services, we offer all the necessary expertise for the prevention of explosions in industrial settings and the mitigation of their impact on both people and property. Our main industry sectors include oil and gas, chemical, mining and metallurgy, pharmaceutical and foods, wood production, rubber, plastics and other manufacturing sectors. 



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Liquefied Natural Gas LNG

Founded in 1994, GCM Consultants covers all the engineering and project management services, and offers tailor-made solutions in the fields of LNG and biogas. 

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Machine Safety

GCM Consultants' machine safety group provides engineering and integration services for equipment risk control systems for a variety of industries in order to improve operator safety around equipment.


Machine Safety

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Mechanical Integrity
Validation and regulatory compliance



The pharmaceutical, biotechnology and veterinary sectors, as well as pharmaceutical ingredient production sites (APIs) must meet strict standards to demonstrate that their facilities and products meet quality standards and Canadian, US, European or global good manufacturing practices (GMPs).


The natural products, nutraceutical, or agri-food industries must also apply rules established in Canada and the United States.


Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of current regulatory frameworks, GCM Consultants is your partner of choice for completing your validation process.


 Validation and regulatory compliance


Whether you are a plant manager or a validation and quality manager, you need to be sure that your new or existing plant is running smoothly and optimally and that your production meets the prescribed standards while staying within your operating budget.


This is where GCM’s validation expertise comes into play. With the support of our engineers and industry specialists to qualify your installations, operations, and their performance, you benefit from personalized validation support from the beginning of the project and a flawless preparation for audits in order to meet the highest quality assurance standards.

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Strana Talent is a subsidiary of GCM Consultants, an engineering firm with over 25 years of experience in the industrial sector.


Our objective: help industrial clients fill temporary or permanent positions for their operations.


Owing to our exclusive industrial focus and experience, we understand the key issues and challenges of production, and can quickly find the quality candidates perfectly suited to your needs.








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BNQ Certified System

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