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PHA Bow-Tie Electric Arc Furnace

Québec, Canada

Project description

PHA (Process Hazard Analysis) risk analysis of an electric arc furnace using the Bow-Tie methodology. The Bow-Tie standard used by the client was developed by GCM Consultants from industry standards and then adapted to the client’s needs.

Total project cost


GCM Mandate

Facilitate the Bow-Tie analysis session to ensure sufficient safety barriers were in place for high risk scenarios associated with the electric arc furnace. The objective was to reduce the number of evacuations related to SO2 leaks.


  • Scope of the study:
  • 4 furnaces operating continuously and in parallel.
  • 2,500 ppm SO2 exhausted from the furnaces.
  • AEGL-3, 10 min, 30 ppm.