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Claudia Tremblay

Manager - Process
Years of experience:



Ms. Tremblay has solid experience, mostly in the industrial sector, and approaches projects based on operational constraints. Over the years, she has carried out and directed many projects, mainly in the petroleum refining and biomass transformation sectors. She has been involved in the development of one of Quebec’s first biomethanization plants from organic waste. Passionate about biotechnology and fuels, she completed a postgraduate diploma in biomass valorization, which led her to begin a Master’s degree on cost-effective microalgae harvesting methods for the production of biofuel. Ms. Tremblay has coordinated teams in the field and ensured the daily stability and safety of operational units (3 hydrotreaters and a reformer). Moreover, during production shutdowns or unit commissioning, she has supervised field work, established and supervised operating procedures and handled emergencies.