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Bioproduction Facility

Québec, Canada

Project description

Build a new GMP Biomanufacturing facility that will house the processes and equipment for the production and quality control of vaccines intended for human use.
The facility will include equipment and infrastructures necessary for viral seed stock preparation,
subculture, cell culture and viral production, purification, final fill, secondary packaging, warehousing, and Quality Control laboratory.

Total project cost


GCM Mandate

Designing, qualifying, inspecting, overseeing installation, start-up, site acceptance testing, qualification/validation testing, and providing complete documentation of the IT network infrastructure.


  • Functional, Design, Installation and Operation Specifications for the whole IT network
  • Physical installation of devices and network setup
  • Virtualized environment for each segment
  • Storage setup
  • Windows Services setup
  • Validation (GMP) and Testing (Non-GMP)

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