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Assistance in functional safety for the liquefaction unit

Québec, Canada

Project description

The project consists of modifying the existing plant in order to implement the recommendations from the risk review and the Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA).

Total project cost


GCM Mandate

Our mandate is to provide the customer’s engineering with the required functional safety support (SIS) for the design of safety instrumented functions (SIF) according to the IEC 61511 standard.


  • List of RIS with calculation results
  • Bubble Diagram Packages (1 for each RIS) – When a few proposals must be evaluated to achieve the required SIL or when the RIS is complex and requires a detailed representation to be understood, the bubble diagram provides an indispensable tool
  • SIL verification calculation sets (1 for each RIS)
  • SIS Security Requirements Specification (SRS) covering the overall system as well as the 11 RIS

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