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Replacement of electrostatic precipitators at the acid plant

Québec, Canada

Project description

Installation of new wet electrostatic precipitators in a sulfuric acid plant.

Total project cost


GCM Mandate

Prepare detailed engineering drawings and specifications, requests for quotations and bills of quantities required to proceed with the installation of future electrostatic precipitators.


  • Engineering for the supply and installation of new electrostatic precipitators
  • Engineering and layout of new FRP gas piping (up to 42″ diameter) and sulfuric acid piping.
  • New steel structures, walkways and foundation reinforcement.
  • Relocation of cable trays, electrical panels and instrumentation
  • Estimation of project costs
  • Preparation and follow-up of the schedule
  • Coordination with equipment suppliers
  • Follow-up of the work on site and writing of daily progress reports

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